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Publish your Job Posting on eLearning Industry to find the right fit for your organization. Discover qualified, highly trained candidates and talented eLearning professionals.


Finding the ideal candidate is not an easy task. By using eLearning Industry’s job posting template, you will be able to spread the word about your top-notch job offers.

Get in front of 936,000+ highly targeted corporate training buyers and eLearning professionals.

Your Job Posting will be live for 30 days.

Get the attention you want with a great appearance on any device.

Attract the most skilled and qualified professionals for your job opening.


Use our user-friendly editor to create your Job Posting.

What We Will Need From You

Submit all the required information: Job Posting name, company name, etc.

If your company is already listed in our directory, you can associate your Job Posting with the directory listing.


Your Job listing is promoted in our daily email newsletter.


eLI's SEO experts will optimize your article by adding a relevant focus keyword, meta description, and URL.


After your Job Posting submission, our team of experts will review, optimize and publish your content.

1 rel="nofollow" backlink per 100–150 words (all backlinks are rel="nofollow").

What You Should Expect

Unique pageviews (within 60 days): 510–1,100.

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How It Works


Select your desired publication date.


Submit your Job Posting for review two (2) days prior to the selected publication date.


Make sure that your Job Posting is suitable for the eLearning Industry’s audience.


By submitting your Job Posting, you give eLearning Industry full editorial control to review your listing to make it error-free.


Our SEO experts will increase the SEO value of your Job Posting.


When the Job Posting is ready, we will publish it on eLearning Industry.


Get your Job Postings in front of the most high-quality and relevant job candidates.



How do I know if my Job posting is suitable for eLearning Industry’s audience?

By publishing a Job Posting on eLearning Industry, you can easily discover talented professionals within your niche. Our audience consists of Instructional Designers, training managers, EdTech professionals, managers, analysts, marketers, professors, students, and more. If you wish to announce a new position opening in the eLearning field, related to our audience, we can offer guaranteed, top-quality services.

How long is my job posting active on eLearning Industry?

Well, after publishing your job posting you can keep it on our job posting platform for up to 30 days. After 30 days, it is archived on our website.

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