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Crafting a compelling news story will help you gain publicity, and boost brand awareness to our highly targeted built-in L&D audience.

Write and share Press Releases consistently to
draw attention to your newsworthy eLearning events, achievements, and more.

Spread the word about upcoming conferences and reach eLearning Industry’s most profound influencers in under 5 minutes!


Get in front of 852,000+ highly targeted corporate training buyers and eLearning professionals.

You are able to monitor the effectiveness of each Press Release from a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Learn exactly how many people read it, visit your site, and who might turn into a prospective customer.

Using eLearning Industry’s PR service helps you maximize your Press Release coverage, impact, and credibility.


Use our user-friendly editor to create your Press Release.

What We Will Need From You

Submit all the required information: title, description, contact information, etc.


Your Press Release is promoted in our weekly email newsletter.


eLI's SEO experts will optimize your press release by adding a relevant focus keyword, meta description, and URL.


Press Releases must be between 300 and 800 words.

After your Press Release submission, our team of experts will review, optimize, and publish your content.

1 rel="nofollow" backlink per 100-150 words (all backlinks are rel="nofollow").

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Select your desired publication date.


Submit your Press Release for review two (2) days prior to the selected publication date.


Make sure that your Press Release is suitable for eLearning Industry’s audience.


By submitting your Press Release, you give eLearning Industry full editorial control to review your listing to make it error-free.


Our SEO experts will increase the SEO value of your Press Release.


When the Press Release is ready, we will publish it on eLearning Industry.


What is an eLearning Press Release?

Press releases offer eLearning freelancers, firms, and companies the opportunity to reach out to their target audience and spread the word about new products, services, and newsworthy events. Instead of focusing on personal opinions or sales gimmicks, a news release centers on factual information that is supported by statistics, quotes, and other concrete data. A well-written press release has the potential to be published by news outlets across the globe, which can significantly enhance your brand image and increase your sales. However, there are a number of rules that you must bear in mind when writing a press release. Find everything in The Definitive Guide To eLearning Press Releases.

What kind of content is best to get my Press Release noticed?

That’s a good question! First of all, you need to have an interesting title that will get the attention of the viewers. By getting smart about SEO you can create optimized content that will make your press release stand out from the crowd. All press releases must pertain to a newsworthy event, product, or service, relevant to eLearning Industry’s audience.

How do I know if my Press Release is suitable for eLearning Industry’s audience?

You may check previous press releases to get an idea about what kind of topics are published on eLearning Industry. Our audience consists of a vast number of eLearning professionals who work for large corporations. Plenty of our users are into L&D and corporate training, while others love to follow EdTech trends like immersive learning, personalized learning, mobile learning, social learning, etc. If your press releases cover topics around the eLearning niche or EdTech in general, it might highly interest our audience.

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