Learning & HR Tech Solutions 2024 Conference And Expo

Join us on April 23–25, 2024, in Orlando, FL, for the Learning & HR Tech Solutions Conference and Expo: the event that brings the worlds of learning and HR tech together to uncover new possibilities for a more collaborative future.
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Dates 23 Apr 2024 8:00 am (UTC -4) 25 Apr 2024 5:05 pm (UTC -4)
Place (View On Map) Rosen Centre

Welcome To The Future Of Talent Development

Learning & HR Tech Solutions 2024 Conference and Expo is your opportunity to lead the charge as the worlds of learning and HR technology converge. Join us on April 23–25 in Orlando, FL, to discover cutting-edge solutions, unlock new possibilities, and stay ahead of industry trends that are transforming the talent development landscape.

Whether you have a background in Learning and Development (L&D) or Human Resources (HR), Learning & HR Tech Solutions is the event for you. Program highlights include:

  • A powerful lineup of keynotes, hand-selected with the intent of helping you find the inspiration needed to advance in your work.
  • Over 150 world-class sessions, covering organization-wide best practices, how-tos, case studies, and emerging industry trends.
  • A variety of optional pre-conference workshops, allowing you the chance to zero in on building specific skills before the full event takes off.
  • Learning Guild-certified two-day certificate programs that prioritize paths to competency on core topics.
  • Endless opportunities to network and make new connections within the industry.
  • A free-to-attend Expo, your gateway to a diverse range of 100+ HR and learning solutions providers.
  • And more!

Be part of this exciting journey toward a future where learning and HR technologies and professionals work together to drive organizational success.


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